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MHM Photography offers a number of services to meet your needs...

Fine Art Prints

We have a passion for capturing the beauty of the world around us. We offer photographic prints of all of our fine art digital photography. Whether you love the pop of High Dynamic Range photography, the vibrant colors of a sunset over a pristine landscape, the grit of street art photography or something a little more abstract; MHM has many prints to match your tastes. Photography is a medium that everyone can relate to. Why not purchase a beautiful framed print to accentuate a room in your home?

Wedding & Engagement Photography

Love deserves fantastic pictures! MHM is here to document your special day professionally and at an affordable cost. Weddings are expensive and memories fade with time. We believe every bride and groom should be able to afford the pictures to keep their memories alive! We have a number of different packages and options available to suit your budget. We offer custom solutions so you can get exactly what you want. Check our investment section for more information on what plan works for you or call us to set up a consultation at (513) 760-0646.


Life should be treasured and we believe that our work will capture the special moments in your life with vivid color and dynamic compositions. Whether you want a photo of your favorite pet, pictures of your little ones growing up, your children's class photos, birth announcements, headshots for business or promotion, or just a special moment or milestone documented in your life, we can take the photographs that become lifelong keepsakes. We also have a number of print and digital packages to fit your budget.

Event Photography

Professional photography is an important thing to consider when you are hosting a big event. MHM has the experience and skill to memorialize your event; whether you are throwing a birthday party, a family reunion, or a corporate picnic. We provide a journalistic approach to events but also offer formal photography of your guests, as well as group photographs. So, go ahead! Socialize with your guests, enjoy yourself, and leave the memories to us!

Real Estate

When you are selling a home or business, you want to make sure you have the best photos online for your potential buyers to see. This is a specialized service that requires a photographer with the knowledge of real estate and the experience to show your home in the best light. Fortunately, MHM Photography can help! Heather McHenry is a skilled professional real estate photographer, videographer, and drone pilot and has been in the field for 12 years. If you happen to be selling your home or business or are a realtor and need quality photos for a listing, give us a call or drop us an email so we can get you a quote.

Photo Restoration or Correction

Unfortunately, bad things happen to great photos. Don't despair! MHM can help. We can take your damaged or aging photographs and through the magic of digital reconstruction, restore them to the way they were. We also take pride in our digital editing skill and have been known to take a less than desirable photo from awful to AWESOME! If you hired a photographer that didn't meet the mark, we'll be happy to review the results and correct your photographs. As each photo is individual, contact us with the details of the damage or problem and we can quote a price for you.

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