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“As an artist, I had always admired photography but was not formally trained until college. From the first second of picking up a camera, I knew that I was going to LOVE this medium. Portraiture and HDR Photography are my two favorite things to shoot. I like to find the beauty in things that you wouldn’t normally think could be beautiful. It gives me an appreciation for the complexity of life and the world around us. Although I didn’t pick up a DSLR Camera until 2010, I have been developing my skill in photo editing and manipulation for over 20 years. I am lucky to have found photography and blessed to have a career in the field. When I have a camera in my hands, I am truly at home.”


“I started taking pictures at a very early age and as the years have gone by, my love for architecture, botany, and landscapes have merged with my love of photography. I strive to capture the beauty in everyday objects and lean heavily toward dramatic colors. Recently, I’ve been trying to get more out of my images through HDR. I feel that this technique gives my work more of the colors I see when I am out shooting.”

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